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About the Penguin Prank

Hosted by Blade/JG-inKorporated, and created in June 2008, we invite you to be a part of hopefully one of the biggest ClubPenguin pranks in existence, the “Penguin Prank.” It’s simple, easy, and fun. It was inspired by the famous Habbo Hotel raids, but instead this time, the prank itself is tricking the ClubPenguin staff into thinking they’ve been attacked by the famous group of merciless hackers, “Anonymous.” But even if they figure it out, it’ll still be funny for anyone who wants to irritate everyone on the ClubPenguin site, players and staff.

Read the following paragraphs for instructions on how to play the prank, and copy them out to pass on to a friend.

How to Play the Prank (Basic Rules) -PRINT THIS OUT-

Hello, you (as well as everyone) have been invited to participate in the “Penguin Prank” which is an anonymous group of pranksters who, for no real reason, want to irritate the staff and players on ClubPenguin. Everyone’s welcome! To join the Penguin Prank, follow these steps in order.

   Step one: Create a free account on When you make your username, first write the word “Anon” and without spacing, write a word that describes you. For example, some good names would be “AnonSkaterguy” “AnonEvilsis” “AnonStupidkid” you get the picture. However, the word “Anon” short for anonymous does not indicate that this site and/or site owners have anything to do with the actual Anonymous group.

   Step two: It is essential your penguin has black feathers, and of course, you need to set the mode to “Safe Chat” mode and not that “SuperUltimateSafeChat” ( Ultimate Safe Chat) mode. After you supposedly agree to the rules (or “Terms of Use”) you should have been sent an email, which allows you to log-in to your account.

   Step three: When logged on, you will be on a page titled “Your Suggested Servers.” In the lower right corner of this page, there’s a note that says, “More servers, click here.” Click on that note/link. Then select the closest world alphabetically to the top of the World Select list (skipping FULL and Ultimate Safe Chat Worlds.)

   Step four: Once in the server, go straight to the gift shop, and open the “Penguin Style” catalog. In the “Penguin Style” catalog, there are three pages with player card backgrounds to choose from. On each of these three pages, you will see four backgrounds to choose from, making twelve backgrounds total. Choose the background on the lower right of the third page by clicking on it. Then, set the background to your profile.

   Step five: Now, you must go around and make no sense. Set your typing to CAPS LOCK and only post messages in CAPITAL LETTERING. When you type, be as random as you can possibly be. Two of the most frequent things you must type are “DESU” and the word that describes you in your “Anon” penguin username. Again, the reason we have you say “DESU” is not because we are affiliated with the Anonymous hackers (who often say “DESU”) but because we want the ClubPenguin staff to think the players originated from the Anonymous hacker group.

    Step six: As an “Anon,” your job now is to go around and annoy other players. Three main ways of annoying people are walking in circles around them, farting by typing the E and T keys frequently, and using bad language. Don’t actually type out the bad word, but do it creatively so the moderators don’t automatically get you. For example, if you want to type the not so bad, bad word “CRAP,” Don’t type C-R-A-P, but rather KRAP and get out of the room you’re in as quick as you can so some little tattle-tale won’t report you. Also, to help advertise the Penguin Prank group, occasionally type "PENGUINPRANK DOT WEBS DOT COM."

   Step seven: The last rule is simply never ask anyone to be your buddy, nor accept any buddy invitations. If “Anons” have buddies, then their buddies have access to the Anon’s account, and can report them easier. Plus, you don’t need to have any buddies anyway.

   Well that’s it, welcome to the club! Get on your “Anon” account whenever you’re bored, follow the rules above, and have fun driving other players crazy! Print or email these instructions to at least one or more friend or family member, that is if you are reading this on the Penguin Prank website. If you are reading this on a piece of paper, then either scan a copy(s) to pass on, or print an original message out directly from the Penguin Prank website ( Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those spam chains where your mom will die if you don’t pass it on! Also, don’t forget to check back on the Penguin Prank website every now and then for scheduled “Anon” raid timings and news. Have fun, and don’t get caught!

   (Quick Note, all account names have to be passed by a moderator. It would be best to register your Anon account as soon as possible, before the moderators clue in that the word “Anon” isn’t a good thing -at least for them it isn‘t.- When they realize who Anons are, they most likely won’t let any more accounts through if they have the word “Anon” on the username.)

-Blade and JG-inKorporated staff


   Come on! We need as many members of the PenguinPrank as we can get! Spread this site around, tell friends and family about this hilarious stunt we’re about to pull! We need to see a significant amount of visitors before we can plan a real raid on ClubPenguin. You make the difference on when the first raid can take place.

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